Bespoke Detailing offer a professional range of extensive detailing services based in Nantwich, Cheshire. There studio is the result of years of hard work, investment and passion for the industry they are in, pushing the standards of car care to the highest standard.

Towards the end of 2018, Bespoke Detailing approached Sherwin Rivers as they required a company redesign, signage and a website to match.

The requirements were to create a fresh and minimalistic logo which also incorporated the Union Jack. Following on from the initial discussion between ourselves and the client, the studio started work on various versions and after feedback from the client and revisions, we produced the above logo. We included the Union Jack and the established date of the company on the right-hand side and the company name on the left, divided by a thin line. We also used a modern and professional typeface which compliments the simplicity of the logo.

Once the logo was completed, we were then able to move onto the signage and website aspects of the redesign. The signage and website follow the simplicity of the logo and black and white play a huge part in the branding. The requirements for the signage was once again a minimalist and simplistic approach because the signs needed to be readable and recognisable instantly, we didn’t want the logo or information lost within a complicated outcome. The signs were mounted on a high quality dibond and also matte laminated for a long-lasting finish.

Bespoke Detailing Portrait Signage

Bespoke Detailing company information signage  – matte laminated and mounted on dibond

Bespoke Detailing Landscape Signage

Bespoke Detailing logo sign – matte laminated and mounted on dibond

Bespoke Detailing Signage

The website has followed the same theme of the signage and logo and you can see the connections between all three. Disjointed branding looks unprofessional and lazy, therefore we made sure that Bespoke Detailing’s brand was consistent throughout all aspects of the company.

Bespoke Detailing’s website contains one main image rather than a slider or video and consistent typefaces and colour throughout. The minimalist themes runs throughout the whole website which makes all of the information easy to read and understand. As Bespoke Detailing are constantly working with high grade cars, we also needed to ensure that the standard of work and vehicles which they work with is highlighted.

Bespoke Detailing's Website, Mobile, and Tablet

“We had a complete overhaul of our company image – Bespoke Detailing, with a new logo, uniform, website, signage, stationery and business cards. For the first time since starting Bespoke I am 100% satisfied with the image of the company and that’s thanks to Sherwin Rivers. Don’t look anywhere else, Sherwin are the company to use, unrivalled.”

Here at Sherwin Rivers, we are passionate about design and if you need branding for a new start-up company or a refresh of your current branding, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.